Injection Molding Capabilities

Custom Injection Molding & More

Injection Molding Machines:

  • 26 Injection Molding Machines – 65 to 1000 tons
  • Hydraulic, Electric and Toggle presses for large and precision part molding
  • Horizontal and vertical presses capable of molding a variety of parts including insert molding
  • 2 Vertical Machines – 1 Rotary, 1 Shuttle
  • Our onsite machine shop ensures your mold is always ready to go


NuTech Manufacturing has expertise in molding a wide variety of plastic resins. Providing you with the best material for your project is paramount to our success. As a major user of commodity, engineering and FDA/Medical grade resins, we enjoy access to technical staff across a wide selection of top material suppliers.

  • Polypropylene
  • High and Low Density Polyethyleneresinpellets
  • High impact polystyrene
  • Polycarbonate
  • Co-Polyester
  • Valox
  • Noryl
  • ABS
  • TPE
  • TPR
  • Polymethylpentene
  • Nylon
  • Acetyl
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers

Also available are filled materials such as mineral filled, talc filled and glass filled which add extra strength and stability to a product. Custom color matching is available to ensure that your brand and products are being represented to spec. Costs saving suggestions are always made when they are consistent with our commitment to quality.

Quality Assurance

Images: Quality Assurance inspects bottles.

  • CMM – Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Modular Cleanrooms
  • Strict lot traceability and material control
  • Quality processes for conformity, uniformity and repeatability

In addition to injection molding, NuTech Manufacturing has capabilities in other plastic molding, fabrication and wire forming as well as finishing and warehousing services.